How does La Carte Cadeau work? - La Carte Cadeau

How it works ?

The "Unexpected Gift Card" is the only card valid in all the shops, cinemas and restaurants of your participating centres* ! Imagine walking through the aisles of your favourite centre, and being able to give free rein to your shopping desires in any shop**... Isn't it a dream?

* Find the list of participating Centres and other Partner Centres here >

** Except in shops without payment terminals equipped with magnetic card readers.

HOW TO use IT, in a few words

You can load the Gift Card with the amount you want, between €15 and €150. It can then be used several times, in more than 2,500 shops, cinemas and restaurants*.

Your Gift Card can be used several times, in different shops, cinemas or restaurants. This payment card with magnetic stripe works without entering the PIN code on the payment terminals at the points of sale in participating centres.

Check your balance easily and at any time :

- at the reception desk of the nearest participating* centre

- on

- to 0826 08 11 12 (0.18€ TTC/ min)

Example of use

You wish to pay for a purchase totalling €65 and your Gift Card has a balance of €30.

    Pay the supplement with another means of payment

    Indicate the exact balance of your Gift Card at the checkout. You can easily check it by clicking on Check my balance entering your Gift Card number.

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